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Friday, September 3, 2010

shiny earrings and bracelet using hematite beads in 2 different sizes. the bracelet need restringing - (spot the mistake), and then I will add a simple clasp 

using small glass pearls, and glass flowers, this is a fresh looking summer necklace

this one is made with glass pearls and sparkling faceted glass beads. I think it is stunning

this one was commissioned by Alex, to match the bracelet I made her for her birthday. I made 3 different earrings, and Alex chose the single heart.

using sterling silver and purple swarovski crystals, this is a simply elegant necklace and earring set
turquoise flower bracelets, one with a fancy flower clasp, the other with a plain, less chunky clasp.

using 5 separate pieces of memory wire, I created this beautiful bangle, with glass beads and pearls
this is a long necklace with matching earrings, using odd black glass beads and chunky silver coloured chain. Simple, but the end result is lovely

Friday, August 6, 2010

and a small collection of earrings, made from good quality faceted glass teardrops, one having a matching pendant, which can be hung from any silver chain. The bottom pair are made from the circular aqua coloured shell, and are a perfect match for the anklet.
the underside of the shell anklet
Now for 2 anklets, which look really cute when worn. One is like the stardrops necklace, the other is made from circular aqua colouered shell. Both are made with silver plated chain.

the right side

A wonderful selection of necklaces recently made. I particularly like the stardrops, which I made after I mad a similar ankle chain designed for and by a friend. I also love the rose and copper necklace at the top, shown worn (mirror image), and hanging on the mannequin.

A selection of bracelets glass flowers or crystals and silver plated rounds, some offering matching earrings. 

Sunday, August 1, 2010

A necklace created using amethyst coloured teardrop shaped glass drops, with round shells, and rose gold coloured glass beads, I feel these beads work really well together.

this bracelet was made for a friend for her birthday. It was inspired by 'Lost and Found', by 'blue moon beads'.  I loved it, and so did my friend.

this beautiful necklace uses small aventurine chips, and fire agate rounds, with a natural stone pendant attached. The pendant actually matched the aventurine more closely that the picture shows.

using aqua coloured teardrop shaped glass, I created this lovely bracelet with fancy clasp. I think it is a lovely creation for the summer.

Its been a while since I posted anything,, and thought it was about time I paid attention to this blog. I have a few more items recently made.. I have been working with crystals a lot recently, and have made a few bracelet and earring sets, as well as necklace and earring set, commissioned by a friend. I have also been inspired by Tiffany to come up with a silver and crystal necklace which is adorable.

this shows the crystal bracelet and earring sets, in black and a lovely jade green, the look can also be created using the turquoise or topaz coloured crystals shown.

this one shows the tiffany inspired necklace, using sterling silver chain and pink and amethyst crystals.

and this one shows the commissioned piece, the crystals are more faceted than the bracelets, and because the clasp I chose is a fancy one, it can be worn to the side or at the back.

Thursday, June 3, 2010

Todays efforts have turned out delightful. I love the first, an asymmetrical necklace using silver coloured hoops and purple faceted crystals to form the necklace and the purple starfish added as a pendant. I love it.

The second photo is of 2 pairs of earrings, both of which I have made before, but today I made very slight changes to. The pink is a variation of the 'Arlyn 2' earring, only using a silver plated hand crafted earring wire. The blue ones also uses a hand crafted wire, and I have used a silver coloured necklace clasp in the design, adding clear AB Swarovski crystals, and dark blue and white glass pearls. These, I have made for myself.

Wednesday, June 2, 2010

Yesterday, following on from the recent flower bracelet I made from silver, I made another, using silver plated roses, into which a fuschia glass bead is placed. Behind the rose, I have place a green glass leaf, and have places a number of these onto a silver coloured chain like charms would be hung. I think this is a very girly, summery bracelet, and might make the next one with slightly smaller beads inside the roses. What do you think?

Today I kept with this theme and strung some glass flowers, in 3 colours into a bracelet. I used a metal pendant in the shape of a flower, as a focal bead, and used the pendant, with a lobster claw clasp, as part of the closure. It looks kinda cool. Ignore the dry hands in the picture below - really need to moisturize. Hope you like it as much as I do.

Last week, I bought some ready made silver colored shapes, into which crystals can be added, in order to make pendants. The first two were a flower and a cross. To the flower I added purple crystals, and to the cross, topaz coloured crystals. I made them into pendants, but have not yet strung them onto a chain of any sort.

The others I turned into a pair of earrings and matching bracelet. these used 4mm crystals. I added silver coloured balls to this to make up the length. This week I went back to the same shop to buy more, so that I could do earrings in different colours, but they were out of stock - I will keep looking.
Having finished the wedding jewelry for 2 friends weddings, I have got my creative head back on and will be attempting to update this blog a little more regularly again. The final wedding necklace was Kim's, a simple glass pearl necklace with a pearl glass and swarovski crystal pendant.

Another person spotted it and asked for one the same with matching earrings for on of her friends. Instead of the silver square seen in Kim's necklace, this one has a circle, and is lacking the pearl and square dangling off the clasp.

Monday, May 10, 2010

Today I have made a couple of bracelets, the first is sterling silver, with flower shaped glass beads hanging from them like charms. This is one of my favourites to date. I also made a glass pearl memory bracelet with dangles in turquoise, which I love as well.

Over the last couple of weeks, I have worked extra shifts at my own job, and have been working on the wedding jewellry so have not done much of any other jewellry, but here are a few pairs of earrings, and an elegant grey pearl necklace, with a fancy clasp, which I have placed to the side of the necklace, incorporating it into the design rather than hiding it away at the back of a persons neck. 

Sunday, May 9, 2010

For the last couple of weeks I have concentrated on designing and making jewellry for 2 brides and their bridesmaids. Lisa has 5 bridesmaids, and wanted something with purple crystals. I made a necklace with pendant, matching earrings and bracelet with purple swarovski crystals, which I have to say look awesome.

For Kim I made a grey pearl necklace and earrings, with clear swarovski crystals for her evening reception. I love the way it twinkles in the light. It has a simple silver chain because the dress has a detailed ruffle at the neckline, so simplicity was required.

Also for Kim, I made fuschia drop earrings for her 2 bridesmaids, and yellow drops for her pre-wedding photo's.

Wednesday, April 21, 2010

Hello again. Not many more today, just a pair of earrings, a pale grey necklace made with glass pearls and silver coloured curved tubes, which turned out to be stunning - it has matching earrings too, and a simply elegant beaded black necklace. Hope you like them as much as I do. x

Sunday, April 18, 2010

One of my favourites of the week is this necklace and earring set made from black glass pearls in 2 sizes, and jet lustre glass cubes, with one of those pendants that I was looking for inspiration for use. This was so popular, I instantly sold 3, so had to come home form work, and get busy making the second and third, and guess what, there was only one more pendant in the shop, so I made 2 necklaces up, but so far have left one without the pendant, hoping that more come in to the shop. Guess I'll be spending my days off checking out that shop. I need 3 more, because one of my customers has asked for large earrings, using the same pendants as the focus of the earring.

The next is an unfinished piece. It is made with natural stone. I used a technique new to me for this one, and wrapped a large stone with wire, to use as a pendant, then used cylinder shaped pieces to form the bottom of a necklace. It has sterling silver jump rings on each side, so that it can be attached to a sterling silver chain.

A set of earrings and necklace. Inspired by Neopolitan ice cream, which, when I was making the items, I thought was strawberry, vanilla and mint, hence made with pink, pearl and pale green glass beads. Once finished I remembered that that ice cream is vanilla, strawberry and chocolate. Oh well, I think the set looks lovely anyway.

And finally some earrings. one of the girls I work with asked for a simple pair of earrings with 3 white glass pearls. I made 2 pairs, one hanging from a traditional earring finding, the other from an earring I made. Both look equally sophistic. I also made a pair of earrings using 3 different coloured gold glass beads.