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Tuesday, February 14, 2012

WELL, I Think that this week is week 7 of the year - where is it going? I have not made my bracelet for this week yet, as I have been working. I am on nights tonight and tomorrow then off from Thursday at 7am. I will be making it then. This weeks is going to be a special bracelet for my niece. She has a horse called Domino, and I shared one of her pictures with a glass lampwork bead maker - you may have heard of 'Bastille Bleu' LOL. Well, I shared this picture with her, and asked her if she could make some lentils and spacers I the colours of the horse. Wait til you see what she came up with, and I only just realised yesterday, that the spots in the beads sparkle. They are awesome, and the spacers are pretty cute too. I hope that I make a bracelet that does justice to the beads. I have bought some cream Swarovski pearls to go with them, and think they will look good together.

Moving away from beading altogether for a few minutes, I want to share the story of my 'birthday shift' at work.
My birthday was 7th Feb and I worked a night shift on 6th. All was well, my 5 patients were settled quickly for the night, and I was able to sit and get some charting done before midnight. Once that was done, my co-workers and I got together for some birthday munchies - and I stuck to my WW points too. It was turning out to be a nice night.
Then midnight struck, and my co-workers sang (quietly) happy birthday to me, out of tune, but awesome. Minutes later 4 of my patients used their call bells. The first was easy to deal with, heartburn, gave some milk of Magnesia. Second, sitting on the toilet, pooping and puking. Call doctors for an order for anti-sickness meds, draw them up and give them, settle patient back t bed quickly to go sort the others out - more complicated.
Patient 3 is having palpitations, quickly do vitals, she has a heart rate reading 18, attempted to confirm this by palpating her radial pulse - its too quick to count - she is feeling crappy - call the doctor, get ECG and bloodwork stat. Done, meanwhile the 4th patient is in hospital for urinary retention - I put a catheter in her earlier in the evening, and now she feels it isn't draining - it is, but I do a bladder scan anyway, - it reads that she has about 500 mls of urine in her bladder. Hmmm, what to do with this one. Some one else offers help so that I can go to see the patient with heart difficulties. After a bit of trouble shooting they decide to take her catheter out and the patient refuses to have it back in, but still cant pee.
The third patient has her ECG and a heart rate of 160-80 is confirmed, patient is getting more and more agitated, and anxious, heart rate definitely not improving - doctor is here, calling the cardiologist on call. Patient wasn't to take a med that she takes at home (cos she has these episodes at home, and they work for her) Guess what - the hospital don't stock them in tablet form, only IV, and if it is given IV, the patient needs to be on a cardiac monitor - we don't have them on out gynea-urology ward. It takes 3 hours to get her a bed on the cardiology unit - 3 hours of attempting to reassure an anxious patient who cant have meds  (we did give her an alternative medication, but it did not really have the desired effect, but helped a bit)
Once a bed was available, I took her to the cardiology unit, and handed her over to the experts.
Moral of the story - DON'T WORK ON YOUR BIRTHDAY!!!

I laugh now, but was not laughing on the night xx