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Sunday, April 18, 2010

One of my favourites of the week is this necklace and earring set made from black glass pearls in 2 sizes, and jet lustre glass cubes, with one of those pendants that I was looking for inspiration for use. This was so popular, I instantly sold 3, so had to come home form work, and get busy making the second and third, and guess what, there was only one more pendant in the shop, so I made 2 necklaces up, but so far have left one without the pendant, hoping that more come in to the shop. Guess I'll be spending my days off checking out that shop. I need 3 more, because one of my customers has asked for large earrings, using the same pendants as the focus of the earring.

The next is an unfinished piece. It is made with natural stone. I used a technique new to me for this one, and wrapped a large stone with wire, to use as a pendant, then used cylinder shaped pieces to form the bottom of a necklace. It has sterling silver jump rings on each side, so that it can be attached to a sterling silver chain.

A set of earrings and necklace. Inspired by Neopolitan ice cream, which, when I was making the items, I thought was strawberry, vanilla and mint, hence made with pink, pearl and pale green glass beads. Once finished I remembered that that ice cream is vanilla, strawberry and chocolate. Oh well, I think the set looks lovely anyway.

And finally some earrings. one of the girls I work with asked for a simple pair of earrings with 3 white glass pearls. I made 2 pairs, one hanging from a traditional earring finding, the other from an earring I made. Both look equally sophistic. I also made a pair of earrings using 3 different coloured gold glass beads.

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