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Tuesday, March 20, 2012

WEEK 12, Bracelets for a year.

This week I was inspired by Lorraine Dowdle's work yet again. I bought a piece of her work, and with it, I received a spectacular hand torched glass bead from her. I requested permission to use her design, and she willingly allowed me to use it to make a bracelet for myself. I just LOVE the result. Almost lost my eyes in the process, using long lengths of wire as suggested by Lorraine - My version of long was a lot longer than hers LOL, and the wires kept twanging very closely to my face - Goggles next time I think. Anyway, the result is awesome, if a little rough around the edges. Lorraine has since given me permission to use the design in my work, which could prove to be expensive, since I think it has to utilise the gorgeous handmade glass beads yu will see in the next two photos. The first is Lorraines finished version. She called it her 'Galaxy Bracelet'. The second is mine, unfinished at the moment, because it needs a clasp, and I am uncertain as to weather to add a dangle from it as well. Feedback welcomed. 

WEEK 11, Bracelets for a year.

I discovered these awesome fancy jasper beads on sale and just had to get them. I paired them with copper, and was a little adventurous, using some copper wire to make my own links. The result is a bracelet that is approx 7 3/4 inches (20cm). Its chunky without being overpowering.

Sunday, March 11, 2012


This week at work was a strange one. I work on a urology and gynaecology ward, which is generally very busy, but this week, for my 2 days shifts, it was unusually quiet, but the days were good, plenty of time to actually get to know the patients and their needs. The night shifts were quite different altogether, back to being busy busy busy, and of course, with Saturdays leap forward in time to spring, we lost an hour with which to get the work done. It was a heavy couple of nights physically too. I recently moved away from a job in spinal cord injuries, because of a back injury of my own, and this week I ended up nursing a couple of patients with cord injuries, reminding me of the reason  moved away from the job I loved - that job hurts.

But I finished my shifts at 7o'clock this morning, and was thankful for that. I usually stay up and clean the house, then have an early night, but this morning I was so tired, I just quickly brushed the floors, and went to bed for a couple of hours, which turned into 4 hours. When I got up, I did a little bit of Facebook browsing, and ended up buying more beads - wait til you see them, then I asked my wonderful hubby to take me to the craft store, so that I could buy some more for an order I have this week. He duly did this, and I ended up buying a little more than I needed as usual. LOL

So to begin my week off, I have been jotting a few ideas down for jewellery to make this week, starting of course with week 11's bracelet, which is almost done. I just need to hand make a wire link to get a clasp on it.

I have a few other things to do during my this week of 'rest' too; a little bit of studying, perhaps a little bit of painting - that depends on how my back is, a little bit of walking, and a little bit of photography hopefully - I have a DVD to look through, which will hopefully give me some photography tips.

On my last set of days off, I walked 10km around a local lake, and thoroughly enjoyed the walk, so I fully intend to find somewhere to go this week, at least once. Hopefully the weather will hold up and allow this. I might even take my dogs with me.
I have not only been making bracelets. In between working shifts at Vancouver General Hospital, I have learnt a new skill. Using Peyote stitch, I wrapped a cabochon (a bead with no holes to thread beading wire through), and made a pendant from it. I used black and white beads to match the black and white in the beautiful Moroccan black coral cab. The ring is one I won from another beader. I think they will work pretty well together. I did make a 'chain' which I fitted to the pendant, but have yet to photograph that - pictures to follow.


Weeks 9 and 10 of my Bracelets for a Year Challenge

Week 9 was a simple, but elegant bracelet made with Night Blue Swarovski pearls and crystals on memory wire. I have made these before, and they have been a successful design. I can do these in any colour that Swarovski makes in the pearls, and can make with any number of links. This one has 3 links. The second picture is of a 5 link bracelet that I made as a custom order, in white pearls.

Don't you just love these? I can change the colours of both the pearl and the crystal to suit your needs.

Week 10's bracelet left me a little disappointed, but it gave me some practice with wire work. I have since dismantled it, and in the process chipped one of the beads :-(
The beads were from Peruzi, made by the very talented Natalie. Peruzi can be found on Facebook. Look her up, her beads are lovely. I have another set here to work with, and a few on order as well.
I would love you to share your ideas with me, if you can come up with a design that will work with these beads.

Weeks 7 and 8 of my Bracelets for a Year Challenge

Oh my word. Time does fly. This week is week 11 of the challenge, yet the last bracelet I left you with was week 6. So here we are playing catch up yet again. You might remember me saying on my last post that the week 7 bracelet was going to be for my niece made with lampwork beads that I had made for me in the colour of Gemma's horse. Well here it is - take a look at the spacer beads too, they work really well with the focal beads. I loved the result. I need to add a topaz dangle to this - but have yet to find one. Let me know what you think.

Week 8 brought out my Tila beads. These 2 holed beads are 5x5mm square. I bought them in 3 colours, and made this next bracelet in a pale green and cream. This is a design shared by Miyuki, the makers of the bead. I decided to use their design the first time I used the beads just to get a feel for them. Due to copyright laws, this cannot be sold for profit, but that's OK, because I love it, and will find myself wearing it for much of the summer I am sure.