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Sunday, March 11, 2012

Weeks 9 and 10 of my Bracelets for a Year Challenge

Week 9 was a simple, but elegant bracelet made with Night Blue Swarovski pearls and crystals on memory wire. I have made these before, and they have been a successful design. I can do these in any colour that Swarovski makes in the pearls, and can make with any number of links. This one has 3 links. The second picture is of a 5 link bracelet that I made as a custom order, in white pearls.

Don't you just love these? I can change the colours of both the pearl and the crystal to suit your needs.

Week 10's bracelet left me a little disappointed, but it gave me some practice with wire work. I have since dismantled it, and in the process chipped one of the beads :-(
The beads were from Peruzi, made by the very talented Natalie. Peruzi can be found on Facebook. Look her up, her beads are lovely. I have another set here to work with, and a few on order as well.
I would love you to share your ideas with me, if you can come up with a design that will work with these beads.

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