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Tuesday, March 20, 2012

WEEK 12, Bracelets for a year.

This week I was inspired by Lorraine Dowdle's work yet again. I bought a piece of her work, and with it, I received a spectacular hand torched glass bead from her. I requested permission to use her design, and she willingly allowed me to use it to make a bracelet for myself. I just LOVE the result. Almost lost my eyes in the process, using long lengths of wire as suggested by Lorraine - My version of long was a lot longer than hers LOL, and the wires kept twanging very closely to my face - Goggles next time I think. Anyway, the result is awesome, if a little rough around the edges. Lorraine has since given me permission to use the design in my work, which could prove to be expensive, since I think it has to utilise the gorgeous handmade glass beads yu will see in the next two photos. The first is Lorraines finished version. She called it her 'Galaxy Bracelet'. The second is mine, unfinished at the moment, because it needs a clasp, and I am uncertain as to weather to add a dangle from it as well. Feedback welcomed. 

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