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Saturday, February 23, 2013

Here is my entry for the Freeform Peyote Stitch Bloghop Challenge. Its my second freeform peyote piece, and it was only when it was finished that I realised it isnt really all that freeform at all. Its almost a traditional peyote stitched bracelet with embellishments, but I love it anyway, and its a learning process.

This is a follow on from the green piece, named 'Spring Green' in my previous post, and keeping in the seasons theme, I have called this one 'Summer Fun'. It shows the sea, glistening with 4mm bicones, there is a starfish just at the waters edge, and the sun shines in the sky, a faceted glass bead, with rays of bugle beads. This was fun to make, and now I have to follow up with fall and winter freeform pieces :-) Hope you like it.
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  1. Jane, you really captured the sea theme with this one! I love the colors, the embellishments, and the flow of the bracelet. Well done!

  2. the colors here are wonderful! i really love the look of that sunburst. freeform or not so much, it is beauty all the way!

  3. Freeform is anything you want it to be so yours is freeform Great colors and great bracelet.

  4. It's a beautiful bracelet and I love the fan detail on the side. It's a great touch.

  5. I love your bracelet and your description of the elements really took me right to the beach! What a great idea to have a set of 'seasonal' freeform bracelets!! Can't wait to see Fall and Winter!!

  6. It is fun - makes me want to find a stretch of beachfront where I can dip my feet in the surf and feel the warmth of the sand! Nice work!

  7. My favorite colors, very pretty bracelet. It would go so well with my necklace!

  8. Gorgeous bracelet! I love your imagery and the tones of the colors you chose. They really flow together. Can't wait to see the other seasons :)

  9. I think your bracelet is lovely - nice colors! Anything where you don't use a pattern is free form in my opinion.

  10. Beautiful!! I am loving the scalloped edges and the embellishments, but I agree with everyone else - it's freeform indeed, if you just went with how you felt while you worked!

  11. I agree that freeform can be what you want it to be. That is part of the point and the adventure. Love the colors and the reminder of summer in your bracelet.

  12. Very pretty with fun colors. It will be interesting to see if your next piece gets a little more wild or if you stay conservative.

  13. Feeling sand and sea breeze, nice work!

  14. It is very pretty! And the beauty of freeform is that there is no right or wrong, it is what you want it to be ;-)
    Looking forward to seeing your Winter and Fall bracelets.

  15. Very nice...love the idea of the 4 seasons bracelets...I like how you added the bugle beads..The colors are really summer colors..thanks for sharing..looking forward to the next two bracelets.

  16. Jane, I love this piece! The colors. The shape of it. The theme. When I saw it, I made a squealing noise out loud, and I'm sure my husband thinks I've injured myself. ;)

  17. Hi Jane,
    I believe that this bracelet is freeform peyote in that you used different colors and sizes of seed beads. I think that it is beautiful and beautifully stitched. I love the colors you chose to use.

  18. Very pretty! If it's freeform for you, it's Freeform :-). I think you did great!

  19. Summer Fun indeed! Your color and temperature transitions between warm and cool, land and sea are a lot of fun.

    As for whether this is freeform - freeform can be a lot of things and as far as I'm concerned this counts. You allowed for an organic flow between sizes and colors and an organic edge which mimics the gentle waves of your water. Very nice!

  20. This is a little beauty. I haven't managed to work up the courage to do anything in freeform, so I've been lurking on the edge of the group! Drooling!

    Thanks so much for stopping by my blog and for your lovely comment. The link to the Random Snow pattern is - http://vrukodelii.com/braslet-sluchaynyiy-sneg/

    It was listed in my original post, but within the text, rather than as a hyperlink. Enjoy x