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Thursday, January 26, 2012

Wow, its a long time since I did anything on here, maybe its time to get back into my Blog. From sunday morning, I have 6 days off, I am going to get a few recent pictures on here, and start Blogging again. I have done a lot since my last post back in 2010. Changed jobs, got a page on Facebook to display my jewellery, still not selling much LOL, but I keep some of it for me hehe.
It was recently the 25th anniversary of the day I met my husband - he bought me a beautiful diamond engagement ring. Lord knows, he has a job on his hand now, to top it in July 2014, when it is our 25th wedding anniversary hahaha.
Well peeps, its 11pm, I am off to bed for now, but make a promise to start Blogging again next week. S
I will start with sharing the challenge that I have set myself for the year.
Watch this space X

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